The guaranteed route to weight loss, fitness and slimming.

This web site is about losing weight by just about the only method that is utterly guaranteed to bring you weight loss, increased fitness, and a slimmer body.

And our guarantee is itself simple: if you follow the instructions here, we guarantee that you will beyond all doubt lose weight, become fitter and be slimmer. 

The process works for men and women, and for children from the age of 9.  The only restriction is that you should take medical advice first if you are on regular medication of any kind or if you are a woman and pregnant.   Normally speaking your doctor won't stop you following this process, but just in case you should check.

There are no supplements to buy, no strange diets in which you eat lots of foods you would not normally eat.  In fact there is nothing complex about this system at all.

To start, just go to the "Getting started" page.  And good luck.

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Here's the index of the course as we have so far produced it.  More elements are added each day - so don't worry that not everything is complete yet.  You can start now.

1: Getting started
2: Getting moving
3: The first steps
4: Second steps
5: The snack test
6: More activity