Most weight loss advice is simple: count calories and take the number of calories a day down.

But this is not the best way forwards, and nor is it the easiest way forwards.  Indeed the NHS advice on weight loss says that  rather than counting calories, we need to focus instead on two different things:

a) eating a healthy and well balanced diet, and...

b) being physically active.

In this way we can start to balance how many calories are consumed with the numbers burnt off each day.

This is the approach taken on this web site, and we are in the process of adding articles about which foods you should consider eating, how to reduce the volume of intake slowly, and how to increase your activity level.

What no one involved with WeightLossUK wants you to do is go onto a crash diet.  Nor do we look for you suddenly to start doing a lot more activity than normal.

Instead in both approaches we are looking for you to increase activity slowly, day by day, and reduce intake slowly.  Also we suggest that you change your intake of food and drink gradually, moving away from processed food to more natural, healthier food.