You will undoubtedly have heard the old adage "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."

Getting healthy isn't quite as simple as that - and indeed very few people would suggest you should eat one particular food every day.  

But apples are a source of antioxidants, which to combat some diseases, and to some extent slow down the ageing process.  Indeed there is some serious medical evidence that shows that eating apples can actually extend lifespans and helps enhance mobility.

Another medical claim for apples that is taken seriously is that they do act as a way of lowering the chance of heart disease

But like any food, eating too much can do harm, so one might suggest eating an apple every other day is good enough... providing that this is simply not an addition to your daily intake of food. 

So to be clear, if you are overweight because of overeating, and then you add an apple every other day to your intake, you are not going to get any slimmer, and probably not reverse any of the bad things happening to you by overeating.  What you need to do is eat an apple every other day, and reduce your intake of other foods, and at the same time increase your exercise level.

Best of all, walk to the shops, buy three apples, and eat them during the next six days.