Try to avoid starch and carbohydrates as much as possible.

That does not mean that you should change your intake of food dramatically but your aim should be to cut down, since most of us eat too much starch and carbohydrates in our diet.

There is enough carbohydrates in fruit and vegetables to meet our daily needs.  So you should be wary of an excess of

bread, buns, porridge, rice, and pasta.

These will give you excess sugar in the blood, and as a result your body will turn this sugar into far, which just stays in your body and does not come out. 

Worse, carbohydrates can be very addictive, which is why we suggest that you take the level down slowly.

When these sugars turn up in the body, the body releases insulin to deal them, and this takes down the sugar level.  But unfortunately this sends a message to the brain which says, "sugars are low, so that means we are hungry." 

This means you start wanting food - either the next meal or comfort food.  If you have more carbohydrates you then get another "more food" message and so we put on more and more weight. 

"But I am always hungry" is the message that people give us quite often when they are overweight, and the source of the problem is generally the type of food that is being eaten. 

Cut down on the carbohydrates slowly, and you reduce your food craving slowly.