So you now know how much you are eating each day. 

You are not cheating by reducing the amount  you eat as you write it down, and you are not missing out days because "that was exceptional".

Remember this is just about you.  No one else knows what you are doing and you don't have to tell anyone (although if it helps keep up your motivation and drive to achieve weight loss, just do that).

Now you have to do one simple thing.  Keep recording the amount you are eating each day using the chart on the Getting Started page.

After three days you will start to have a clear idea on what you are eating.  What you have to do is to make one reduction.  Not a whole meal, but just something out of a meal.

So let us imagine that in your main meal of the day you have three potatoes, then simply reduce to two.  Don't make any other change, just that one. 

Now keep that up each day - without eating something else to compensate.

Or let's say that you have a pudding after your main course in your main meal.  Just reduce the size of the pudding.

Now you will find that you will have a difficult day when you really feel like going back to your earlier level of consumption.  Really make it a matter of principle that you do not revert.  It is after all only one potato.  

Don't try and rush - don't try and cut out more and more.  Just stick with your one decision, and get utterly used to it.   When you are ready move on to second steps.