So far you have measured

  • how much you eat each day ("Getting Started"),
  • how active you are each day ("Getting moving")
  • and you have started to reduce your intake of food just a little (Second steps)

Now we are going to increase your activity very slightly.

You now know how much activity you take each day, because you have been recording this in "Getting moving".

So now the aim is to increase this activity - just a little.

Let me be a bit negative here and tell you what NOT to do....

I don't want you to rush out, buy a track suit and trainers, and start jogging.  Apart from the fact that it won't help you lose any weight, it could also do you some harm.

No, what I want you to do is to look at how much exercise you get each day, and then do a little more.

Let's imagine that basically you walk from your house to the car, you walk from your company car park into your office, you get the lift to the fourth floor, you walk to your desk, and at lunchtime you walk to the lift and go to the restaurant.

In fact you are getting only a minimum amount of activity.  

In such a scenario I want you to add just one more thing to your activity.  So in the case above I would ask you to get the lift to one floor below where you work, and walk the last flight of stairs.

Let's take another example of a person who does only the minimum amount of activity each day - perhaps walking around the supermarket twice a week, and otherwise using the car all the time.  In this scenario I do not want you to rush out and buy a bike and go cycling for the first time in 20 years.

Instead I would suggest that you do a little walking.  And I really do mean a little walking.  You might just walk 100 yards down your street, and turn round and come back.

But maybe you feel the neighbours will see you and wonder what on earth is going on.  Maybe you are concerned that they will make sarcastic remarks.   OK, get in the car and drive somewhere where no one knows you, or no one will see you, and do the walk there.

Whatever walk you do, make sure you measure it.  Is it one flight of stairs, or 100 yards, or...

But supposing you are fairly fit and you are already doing quite a bit of walking.  Then fine, add something else.  If you always walk up the stairs in your office rather than use the lift, once a day do that up and down trip once more than you do at the moment.

The whole approach is simple: whatever you are doing (and you know what you are doing because it is shown on your daily chart that you completed under "Getting moving") you need to do just a little more.