You've worked your way through the early steps:

  • Getting started (where you record how much you eat)
  • Getting moving (where you record how much exercise you get)
  • The first steps (where you remove one item from your daily intake of food)
  • The second steps (where you do a little more exercise)

From now on you should be following one page a day from this web site, and making the relevant changes to your life.

This page - the snack test - asks you to look particularly at the food and drink you take between meals.  That could be a packet of crisps, a doughnut, a packet of nuts, a gin and tonic, a drink of cola...   Anything.

You should have recorded these on your original "getting started" page.  Go back and look and make sure that page is correct, and that you have not left anything out.

Now I want you to choose one snack that you have, and I want you to remove it from your intake.  So that might be one packet of crisps, one pint of beer, one biscuit that you have with your coffee.... anything.

And you are to remove it from your intake for good.

So let us say that you are a person who really likes to drink several cola drinks each day.  Let us say you drink three a day.  I want you to take that down to two.

Now that might prove difficult because you have got into the habit of drinking three a day.  So what you can do is get a bottle of water and replace one of the colas with water.

Or if you prefer, drink two-thirds of your bottle each time, rather than the whole bottle.

However you do it, you have to reduce your snacks by one.   And of course you can choose - so you should choose the easiest snack to cut.  If that is a packet of crisps that is the one you can cut.

No one is watching, no one will notice, so just choose the snack and cut it out.