OK, you have looked at what you are eating each day and cut down a little.  If you have not done that, then don't proceed - you must continue with your reduction of just one item from your daily diet before you go on.  This reduction must seem like normal.

Also you have looked at what exercise you are doing each day and just extended that a little.  You should be keeping that extension up each day.  If not, don't go on until you have got that little extension going each day so that it seems like normal.

Now you have also cut down on one of your snacks and once again you must maintain this so that it feels normal.

When all this is established in your normal way of life we need to extend the activity just a little. 

I can't tell you how much, but it must be a modest increase and it must be something you can sustain.  Again, don't think about getting trainers or any special clothing we are just going to extend a bit.   So if you don't do any gardening you might do five minutes weeding a day - nothing more.

Or if you have started walking 100 yards, take it up to 200 yards each day.

Or if you are walking a fair distance and you have a bike in the garage, and it is safe to ride, just ride it for ten minutes a day.

Whatever you choose to do it has to meet this criteria:

1.  It has to be small - and just take up a small amount of time

2.  You have to be able to do it each day.

Of course the weather can get in the way, so what you should also do is think of what you will do if there is bad weather and you can't walk or can't ride your bike.  

Think of something you can do in the house.   Going up and down stairs five times would be a good alternative to walking a short distance.  If you are able to run a little, try running on the spot for a minute.  You choose, but remember it must be something you can do each day when you don't go outside for your normal exercise.