Whatever you do, don't skip breakfast

It is a simple thought: that by cutting out one meal a day surely that must be a way to slim.  You are after all eating less and that is a good thing.  And somehow breakfast can see like the easiest meal to skip.

And yet it doesn't work like that.  What actually happens is that by avoiding breakfast is that you stop getting your metabolism going.  So nothing much is being digested.  Which is why skipping breakfast doesn't feel that difficult. 

But the reality is that it actually does nothing to your attempt to lose weight because the body system recognises that you are not taking in any food and so does not process any food.

Your ideal should be to have three meals a day, and during the time when you are seeking to lose weight you should endeavour to keep to roughly the same proportions of the meal each day - minus the small amount you are cutting out.

Don't try and change your breakfast radically at first - just eat a little less.  So if you normally have a cooked breakfast with two sausages, cut down to one and a half.  If you normally have four spoons of breakfast cereal go down to three.   And then stay at that level for a while until you stop feeling hungry each morning.  It is amazing how quickly the body can adapt.

If you are ready and willing to change your breakfast then here are a couple of thoughts:

1.  If you have a breakfast cereal use half fat milk or soya milk.  If you have never tried soya milk the thought may be repugnant!   But buy one container of the "original" brand - and try it on cereal once.  You can always throw it away if you hate it, but most people like it, and it is much better for you.

2.  If you add sugar to your cereal, start cutting down.  If you put one teaspoon on, go down to half.

3.  If you are willing to change try Weetabix or Muslei with no sugar added.   Both are good for you, and much better than most of the heavy-sugar-laden cereals.

4.  If you have a cooked English breakfast then start to cut down just a little - half a sausage instead of one, toast instead of fried bread, one egg instead of two.  Not all at once - never make more than one change at a time, but just one at a time.