If you drink tea or coffee you can make the drink more healthy by doing any of these things - but remember only do one thing at a time.

1.  If you put sugar in your drink, reduce it a little.   Two teaspoons of sugar - go down to 1.5.   Then a week or two later go down to one.

2.  If you put in full fat milk, go down to half fat.

3.  When you are feeling that you have made those changes and are ready to move on try this:  count how many cups of tea or coffee you have a day.

4.  Then change one of those drinks to a drink of water.  It doesn't matter which one it is - you choose which one you want to change.  It might be the lunchtime drink, the 3pm drink - but take just one, and drink water instead.  It can be tap water, water from a water cooler anything.  And it doesn't have to be the same amount.  If you drink mug fulls of coffee for example, go down to a smaller mug, and then change that over to water.  You don't have to gulp it down all at once - just bit by bit, sip by sip.   But do get through it, and don't take coffee or tea or that occasion.  If you feel your friends at work might make a fuss and laugh at you or wonder what you are doing, make the change for a drink at home.

5.  But here is a warning: if there are certain cups of coffee or tea that are important - like the drink you have first thing, or when you get home from work - don't change that one.   Change just one of the regular drinks through the day.